Production at GuKoTech takes place on a modern, computer-aided device, where compressed cork cylinders, cork-rubber cylinders, and rebounded rubber materials with a diameter of 150 cm and a height of 700 m to 1,500 mm are made. The densities range from 200 kg/m³ (compressed cork) to 1,000 kg/m³ (rebounded rubber material). A solvent-free  isocyanate (cross linked with water) is used as a binder. Rolled material with a thickness of 2 mm to 20 mm is peeled from the cylinders, and lengths of up to 2,450 mm can be manufactured for sheet materials. Moreover, the materials can be coated with a foil as well as an adhesive foil in order to prevent the migration of softeners. The materials can be adapted; stampings and cuts can be adapted according to customer requests.

The materials are used in the sound dampening of doors, walls, and for footfall noise reducing underlayment for laminate and parquet floors, as well as for protective coverings in the construction industry and vibration suppression for machinery. Specialized rubber mats are used (anti-slip pads) for the safe handling of goods during transportation. Many other uses can be found in industry for the compressed cork, rubber-cork, and rebounded rubber materials.