Produktionshalle der GuKoTech GmbH in NürtingenGukotech GmbH, with headquarters in Nürtingen, Germany, specializes in the manufacturing of nitch products made out of rubber, cork, and cork-rubber materials. Gukotech GmbH was reintegrated into the Greiner AG in 2011. The company is the historical cradle of Greiner, since it was here that Carl Albert Greiner began in 1868 with the production of barrel bungs and corks for the bottle industry. In this new millennium, Gukotech GmbH is primarily engaged in the production and packing of large rolls made out of cork and rubber granules.


100% subsidiary of the Greiner MULTIfoam GmbH

Greiner MULTIfoam GmbH with headquarters in Marchtrenk, Austria, manufactures and packages bonded foam from unused pre-consumer polyurethane trim from the furniture, automotive, construction, shoe, and sport industries. In 2018, the Greiner MULTIfoam group wrote revenues of over 15 Million Euros with 90 employees.


Parent company Greiner Foam International

The parent company is the Greiner Foam International GmbH, which belongs to the multinational Greiner AG with headquarters in Kremsmünster, Austria. With 140 production sites, Greiner is one of the world´s leading suppliers of plastic and foam solutions.